CYFI Video Benefits

Full Access

Full Access to showcase games, awards ceremonies, and extra bonus video from the event.


Create highlights from all of your CYFI video and mix with other highlights you have.


Create a highlight reel of your best highlights all in 1 place and continue to update at anytime.


Share your Platform on Instagram, Twitter, Texts, and Email.

Shape your future by marketing yourself in the right way. Connect your video into 1 updatable portfolio to share with recruiters through Sports Reelz professionals and online tools helping you every step of the way.

CYFI Pro Highlight Reel

You can hire our top Pros to make it for you! Our team of Pros are made up of professional/high level collegiate coaches and athletes. We can make a reel that combines your showcase game, combine video, awards ceremony, plus other video you have.

Starting at $399 (One Time)

How to find my video?

What is recorded?

Your showcase game, award ceremonies, specific combine metrics, and potentially extra bonus video.

How do i login?

Login using your pre-existing Sports Reelz login that you used for your video nomination

How much is it ?

Your account is 1st scheduled to auto draft on March 25th for $30 / month which will give you access to all of the video and tools

Can I Download?

You can download any video you add to your highlight reel by upgrading to our platinum plan for $30.

What is the subscription?

Your Sports Reelz subscription allows you to keep your athletic video updated to market yourself in the sports world. Your subscription is scheduled to start at $30 / month on March 25th.

What if I dont want the video?

You can cancel your monthly subscription at anytime. Please know that upon cancellation you will no longer be active and you will lose access to your platform. No refunds can be applied after the event date once we have started giving access to players. Cancel Here

Where to find Sports Reelz at CYFI?

You can find us at check-in, the showcase games, and at the recruitment talk. Need to get in touch with us ahead of time?

Contact Us Here