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Just to name a few.

How It Works

Watch how our team uses the essential tools to build your videos.

How We Help You

Strategy Call

Learn how to implement video into your personal recruitment strategy and use it to get the most out of your recruitment goals.


Create a highlight video by collecting and organizing your video, analyzing you in the video, tagging all your interactions with the ball, comparing and contrasting each play, and creating a highlight video based on your sport + style of play + and level + what recruiters are looking for.

In Depth Analysis

Get matched with a dedicated sport specific professional who will give you feedback on how to improve moving forward.


Receive full support from our team that helps you manage all the technical video.

Watch Examples

See the value of our athlete's videos.

Quinlin Hahn


Watch Quinlin Hahn’s highlight reel and games.

Isabella Lohri


Watch Isabella Lohri’s highlight reel and games.

Nadia Bolden


Watch Nadia Bolden’s highlight reel and games.

Tanner Lewis


Watch Tanner Lewis’s highlight reel and games.

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We Start Quickly

We understand that your time is an important need so we start fast!

Video Quick Turnaround

2 Weeks

In Depth Analysis

We tag each touch of your play

Highlight Updates

We update you every step of the way

Video Management

We collect your video from anywhere

In Depth Feedback

Player feedback for future growth


Show recruiters everything they need to know
$ 399
One Time
  • 4 Game Analysis
  • All plays clipped
  • 18 Highlights in Reel
  • In Depth Analysis
  • Custom Intro
  • Shareable Link


More games gives recruiters more to see of you
$ 579
One Time
  • 6 Game Analysis
  • All plays clipped
  • 24 Highlights in Reel
  • In Depth Analysis
  • Custom Intro
  • Shareable Link


Put yourself in the best position to win and get noticed!
$ 799
One Time
  • 8 Game Analysis
  • All plays clipped
  • 24 Highlights in Reel
  • In Depth Analysis
  • Custom Intro
  • Shareable Link

Make Unlimited Updates

Recruiters want to see video updates. Save recruiters time and effort by tagging and spotlighting yourself in your video profile with unlimited access to the same professional tools our team uses to make your video.

The Perfect Professionals for your

Highlight Video

Sports Reelz brings you a streamlined, easy recruitment process giving you all the tools you need to promote yourself.

Each package allows you to continue with our Player Platform subscription where you can make unlimited updates to your highlight reel.

Our team is made up of college / amateur / professional players & coaches. This allows our team to give you the experience needed to promote you to the next level.

We go to great length to take care of all of your needs so you have little to no work. We do all the technical work and have the experienced knowledge to give you what you the best value you can find.

Our lowest professional highlight reel is $399 with higher valued packages at $579 and $799

We set our prices on getting you the best high quality professionals in your sport and position paired with a technical team that can handle any video you throw at us.

Additionally we have our own sports editing software that we started building in 2018.

Our team stays up to date on all video platforms and technologies. We have the ability to collect video from any source for you.

We can help you get video off of other platforms or we can help you get videos off of any device you may have.

We provide you with a link that you can share with college coaches immediately. We also give you ideas of how to start the conversation and who to contact.

A highlight reel will show coaches what you can do in a competition including your speed of play, technical skills, athletic ability, IQ, and work rate. All things that are important to college coaches and what we are trained to showcase in each vide owe create for you.

We use our very own online platform that we built from  the ground up with one thing in mind. To build an innovative software that is perfect for making highlight videos. Years later we now have the leading cutting edge technology in the industry.

Nothing is ever guaranteed. We can’t control your skill, your attitude, your work ethic.

But we can guarantee that we will help showcase your abilities which is a crucial crucial part to your college recruitment process.

It only takes us 2 weeks once we get all the video we need.

Also, we will update you along the process and give you a full detailed analysis along with your video.

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Meet Ryan, he is a part of the video analytics team for the USA Mens National team. He also played collegiately and semi-professionally and has been working with athletes for 15+ years.

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