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Our Smart Camera allows teams to record sports automatically with live AI.

Live AI Software

A camera so smart. you'll forget you're recording.

Our live AI tracks your team movement in order to capture the action. Just take 5 minutes to set it up.

Connect your team

Coaches and players create clips with our video analysis tools that give you on the go communication.

Tackle - 68'

Nice work closing down the angle and supporting your teammate.

Force Turnover - 5'

Our pressure from our defense helps us win the ball but then we lose it.

Score - 23'

Great job to pick your head up and take thsi shot

Transition - 16'

A great way to pick your head up and make an attacking transition

Spike - 34'

Your form is looking better. Let's practice this on Monday at practice.

Auto-Follow Camera

No Wearable Gear.

Our AI follows your team’s live movement in order to capture the action.

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